Easts FC

Easts FC, based in Queens Park, is a football club who delivers high quality football coaching and tuition for 5-11 year olds creating a learning environment that is both safe, comfortable and inclusive of the standards and recommendations set within the current Football Federation Australia Curriculum. Easts FC’s philosophy is to make football enjoyable while providing players with the skills and football knowledge to continue and progress playing football as they develop through the age groups. Partner Debbie Donnelley and Easts FC partnered in 2016 providing ongoing funds for the Club.

“Easts FC is a football club in the eastern suburbs of Sydney Australia. We are a progressive and inclusive club that welcomes all players, and will always find a team for every new member. Easts FC is one of the largest football (soccer) clubs in the local association, the Eastern Suburbs Football Association (ESFA). In the last decade the club has grown from 10 teams to having nearly 1000 players last year. Phillips Pantzer Donnelley has partnered with Easts FC as part of their community engagement which will see funds invested into the Community to improve player development through enhanced coaching. PPD’s brand will be displayed in Easts FC Kit in support of this partnership and PPD will display the Easts FC Logo on its property advertisement boards. “ Marc Flore, President