Hotelesque Takes Away The Stress

1 Jul 2019

Selling before you buy can be stressful. That’s one of the reasons we’ve teamed up with Hotelesque, the local experts in high-end furnished accommodation. If you’re thinking of selling, Hotelesque makes the transition easy until we find your perfect new home. From boutique beach pads to luxurious family mansions, every property receives the same premium level of service with free WiFi and utilities as well as hotel-grade linen included.

Co-founder and Director Monique Eyles says, “The majority of our clients are looking to bridge the gap between selling and finding a new property or renovating their new purchase. It’s an extremely busy time for them and our goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible. All our properties are fully furnished and we offer a seven-day a week concierge service so all they need to do is simply pack a bag and walk in. We have clients who need a place for a couple of weeks before moving to their new home and others who have stayed for up to a year as they search for their dream home. We specialise in premium property in Sydney’s east and that does make it easy for clients who want to stay in their neighbourhood, which results in minimal disruption to family life. Things can go on as normal while they have the peace of mind of everything being looked after for them.”

Hotelesque is also a perfect fit for clients with an investment property that they want to keep available for family to stay in on annual visits or expats who make regular trips back to Sydney. The flexibility of the lease allows owners to still live in their property when they’re in town and receive a significantly higher return compared to other home hotel operators when they’re overseas or interstate. It’s the award-winning team managing the properties that really sets it apart though. Clients literally just have to hand the keys over and rest assured that everything will be kept shipshape and maintained to the highest standard. For more information, visit or call Monique on 0414 344 291.