Part of a new generation of young professionals making their mark, Thorsten joined the sales team to work alongside Christian West and be part of the country’s most successful independent agency. Thorsten comes to the real estate industry with a background in tech and software sales, adding a unique dimension to his skillset. Having navigated the intricacies of the tech landscape, he brings with him a keen understanding of complex sales cycles and negotiation processes as well as the ability to articulate strategies in a relatable manner. Thorsten’s problem-solving abilities allow him to approach challenges with a practical solution-oriented mindset. His transition into the property arena is marked by a strong commitment to learning from the best and his deep understanding of the importance of connection and communication.

Thorsten’s dedication to growth is evident in his laser focus while his strengths in relationship building and solution-based problem solving form the cornerstones of his informed approach. Polite, friendly and open-minded, Thorsten is a quick thinker who has integrated seamlessly into the fast-paced real estate sales environment. His passion for cars and motorbikes, coupled with his enthusiasm for fitness, infuse his work ethic with a unique blend of precision, attention to detail and an unwavering pursuit of excellence which is in perfect alignment with PPD’s culture of success.