Thomas is a natural real estate professional with three years’ experience in Sydney’s dynamic eastern suburbs market. As a lifelong resident of Bondi, Thomas has an intimate knowledge of the local real estate landscape and a deep understanding of the built environment. His background in building and carpentry has given him with a unique perspective on the renovation potential of properties, allowing him to offer valuable insights to clients and identify opportunities. His passion for architecture and design combined with his commitment to staying up to date with market trends, property values and neighbourhood dynamics enables him to provide expert advice and guidance as well as having the adaptability to navigate fluctuating market conditions.

Thomas takes a proactive approach to his work, always staying one step ahead of clients’ needs and concerns. He anticipates potential challenges and provides creative solutions, ensuring a smooth and successful real estate experience for clients. A natural communicator, Thomas excels in building rapport with buyers by listening attentively, providing clear and concise information, and guiding them through the process with professionalism and transparency. He joined Alexander Phillips’ award-winning team to work with the best agents in the country and his strong work ethic and focus on putting people first are a natural fit for the agency’s culture of excellence.