After a decade playing sports and with a background as a basketball coach, Sebastian’s competitive spirit and ability to thrive in fast-paced environments inspired him pursue a career in real estate. Having always held a strong interest in property, Sebastian’s natural ability to connect with people and his dedication to performing at his very best are the ideal cornerstones for his role as leasing consultant with his innate sense of commitment and perseverance serving as testament to his strength of character. A lifelong resident of the eastern suburbs, Sebastian was educated at Reddam House and has a great understanding of the local market, its people and property while his personable nature and strong work ethic are a perfect fit for the team.

Sebastian recognises that every client has unique requirements and preferences. He is adaptable and accommodating, tailoring his approach to meet individual needs and understands the importance of finding the right property that aligns with the client’s vision. His ability to listen attentively and his commitment to fulfilling promises and delivering results makes him a reliable partner for both tenants and property owners. Sebastian’s unwavering dedication ensures that he remains fully engaged throughout the leasing process while this desire to grow within the industry means he takes a hands-on approach and is constantly developing his skills.