A great communicator with a natural flair for real estate, Phoebe was keen to embark on a career that enabled her to pursue her dual passions for design and property. After completing a Diploma of Interior Design at Billy Blue College of Design, Phoebe wanted to work in an industry where she was able to incorporate her love for architecture and design with her passion for real estate. Phoebe’s friendly, upbeat nature makes her a pleasure to deal with while her excellent customer service skills and a keen eye for detail are the perfect attributes for her busy role as Business Development Manager.

A Woollahra resident with strong ties to the Eastern Suburbs, Phoebe has an intimate understanding of the local market, its people and lifestyle. Phoebe’s experience working as relationship manager for a boutique stationery and lifestyle brand in Double Bay forged her way for a career in property. Adept at multi tasking, Phoebe is a team player and fast learner who loves to be busy and have purpose doing what she loves. Highly personable and charismatic, Phoebe is a natural at building relationships with people based on her core values of honesty and integrity while her creative mindset gives her a well-rounded approach.