Born and raised in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, Patricia Lapinski is a licensed real estate agent with five years of industry experience and an extensive background in both sale and prestige property management. Working alongside Anthony Puntigam, Patricia’s love for design, keen eye for detail and creative mindset provide the ideal foundations for her role helping showcase a property in its most favourable light to achieve maximum reach and exposure. After completing a Bachelor of Business in Marketing at University of Technology Sydney, Patricia embarked on her real estate career working at high-profile agencies in the east where she honed her marketing expertise and cultivated her love for architecture and design.

While highly qualified, her human-centred approach is what makes her an outstanding real estate professional. Patricia’s background at Hotelesque, Sydney’s leading home-meets-hotel agency, has cultivated an exceptional customer service ethic and strong communication and organisational abilities. Bilingual in Polish and English, she is also highly proficient at leveraging technology and social media to boost marketing strategies and foster great results. Friendly, approachable and accomplished, Patricia loves working as part of a team and finds the strong team-based culture at PPD the perfect platform to thrive.