With a background in social media and marketing, Emma’s love of design, keen eye for detail and warm and engaging nature provide the ideal attributes for her role in real estate sales. A licensed real estate agent, Emma honed her skills as a Sales Associate before joining PPD to become part of a leading agency with a strong team-based culture and reputation for excellence. Emma’s Social Media and Marketing Degree have given her the tools to help showcase a property in its most favourable light to achieve maximum reach and exposure while her ability to work well under pressure makes her an invaluable member of the team.

An Eastern Suburbs resident with close ties to the area, Emma’s excellent communication skills, friendly nature and positive outlook make her a perfect fit for real estate and a pleasure to deal with. A bonafide people person who takes great pride in her work, Emma is outgoing and switched on making her a natural at fostering great working relationships with clients. Her professionalism is underscored by her ability to help clients navigate the sales process fluidly by listening attentively and acting promptly and efficiently.